Aerial photo of Kent State main campus on a sunny day
Campaign Leadership Team

Campaign Leadership Team

Dear Friends,

It is a special time at Kent State University. For too long, our university had been a hidden gem amongst higher education institutions. Now, our reputation is strong, our rankings are soaring and our students are learning how to harness their passions to find their purpose in life. We are launching into a new era at Kent State, and it is our privilege and pleasure to serve as co-chairs of the university’s Forever Brighter campaign.

Kent State has felt like home to us since we came to campus together in the mid-70s, as we began our college journey. Our love and respect for this incredible university has only grown over the years.

One of the key takeaways from our time as students was the encouragement to stretch ourselves to achieve success, often to a point we didn’t know we could reach. We were challenged to become our best selves at Kent State and we’ve been able to accomplish so many things thanks to the support of the KSU community.

We have been given the opportunity to fund scholarships and new programs for deserving students—and there is no more rewarding feeling for us than changing the course of our students’ lives in a positive and encouraging way.

Our Kent State experience changed our lives and set us on a path to happiness and success, and our hope is to be able to provide that chance for many more students to come.

Kent State has an amazing history and is today a destination for students from across the country and the world. We believe Golden Flash graduates have a special way of setting the world alight. We hope you will join us in building the future of Kent State University as a supporter of the Forever Brighter campaign.

Flashes Forever,

Sandy & Larry

Sandra C. and Lawrence R. Armstrong, ’79, ’80
Campaign Co-Chairs


Photo of Sandra C. and Lawrence R. Armstrong, ‘79, ‘80


Campaign Executive Committee Members

Lawrence R. Armstrong, ’79, ’80, Co-Chair
Chairman, Ware Malcomb

Sandra Armstrong, Co-Chair

Gary Brahler, ’89
First Vice President of Investments, Morgan Stanley

Edmund D. Cooke, Jr., ’65
Managing Partner/Attorney, Law Offices of Cooke Robotham, LLC

Dave Edmonds, ’80
Retired Senior Vice President, FedEx Services, FedEx Corporation

Timothy Eippert, ’92
CEO, Stratus

John R. Elliot, ’70
Owner, American Medical Facilities Management, LLC

Roe Green, ’80
CEO/Trustee, The Roe Green Foundation

Cathy Hemming, ’70
Managing Member/Owner, Cathy D. Hemming Literary Agency, LLC

Peter Holoway, ’82
Hirtle, Callaghan & Company

Nora Jacobs, ’73
Senior Vice President, Hennes Communications LLC

Carol Mancino, ’72
Community Leader

Douglas Mancino, ’71
Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Lawrence Pollock
Owner/Managing Partner, Lucky Stars Partners, LLC

Shawn Riley, ’70
President, McDonald Hopkins, LLC

Robert Risman
President/CEO, Burton Carol Management, Inc.

Michael Solomon, ’74
Owner/CEO, XYZ Color Science, LLC

Diana Strongosky, ’88
Senior VP, Group Strategy and Supply Chain Execution Sherwin-Williams Company