Michele M. Stoffan, ’72, MAT ’75, Ph.D. ’81
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Alumna’s Gift Inspires Future Teachers

Being an educator has always been a passion for Michele M. Stoffan, ’72, MAT ’75, Ph.D. ’81, and her roots in education run deep.

“My grandmother taught in a one-room schoolhouse and although that was long before I was born, that seemed to be a part of who I was,” Dr. Stoffan said. “My sister and I frequently played ‘school’ in our basement and of course, I was the teacher. I knew fairly early that I wanted to be more than a teacher. I am not sure where I heard the term ‘educator,’ but that seemed to fit as a goal and selecting Early Childhood Education seemed a very logical choice.”

Through her education and professional experience, Dr. Stoffan knows the guidance and support children receive can shape the future. She wanted to not only have a positive impact on her students, but to also have a positive impact on future educators where she felt it was needed most.

“I established The Michele M. Stoffan Endowed Scholarship to help inspire and support future teachers interested in providing the highest quality of instruction in high poverty settings,” Dr. Stoffan said. “The challenges of teaching in a high poverty school are great… but the impact those teachers can make in the lives of their students is even greater. Through this scholarship, I hope to continue to provide encouragement to future teachers wiling to create this type of impact.”

In addition to endowing the scholarship, Dr. Stoffan has also pledged an additional donation through a planned gift, which will allow her to support even more future educators.

Because of her generosity, Dr. Stoffan’s roots in education will continue to branch out. The positive impact she has on students will extend far past her lifetime through the future generations of Kent State educators her scholarship and planned gift will support.

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