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First-Gen Student Paves His Own Path

When Delonte Goodman, ’22,  started at Kent State, mechatronics engineering, a combination of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, was a new major. It drew his attention because it encompassed his interests of both aerospace and electrical engineering, both of which he has experience in from interning with NASA and participating in other programs. As a first-gen college student, Goodman never had the luxury of things being mapped out for him. He created his own path each step of the way.

“I came from a single parent, low-income family,” Goodman said. “I’m in the first generation of my family to even touch a university, and that’s awesome. Kent State gave me the experience of working with others, such as tutoring, being a mentor and being able to help other students. Overall, I was able to work more in collaboration with other people, speaking with mentors, and advisors pushed me through.”

 “With my major in mechatronics, I have a lot of knowledge on the electrical systems and the applications that you can use them for, like circuit design and the creation of propulsion mechanisms,” Goodman said. “For example, I can look at an automated teller machine (ATM) and understand how the electrical components and mechanical components work in tandem to accomplish a certain task.”
While interning at NASA, taking classes and conducting his own research, Goodman also found time to volunteer throughout high school. Through Goodman’s volunteer work, internship and overall dedication to his academics, he created a strong foundation for his college career at Kent State.

Among his other pursuits, Goodman is a Design Innovation Fellow, a Kupita/Transiciones mentor, a tutor for the student support services, a member of the American Foundry Society and a McNair Scholar. He does all this while also majoring in a rigorous program.   

Goodman plans to pursue graduate school on his way to earn his Ph.D. He hopes to become a professor in his field, focusing on long-distance space travel.


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