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LaunchNET Supports Student Radio Program

Joel Semancik, a senior architecture major and honors student, is the creator of Gulp Radio. This radio program and podcast airs on Kent State’s Black Squirrel Radio, and during each episode, Joel and his guests discuss five songs that have special significance to them. They talk about the songs, enjoy the music and converse about the guests and their life stories.

“The show revolves around the idea of music being a great connector of people,” said Semancik. “I ask guests to bring five songs that they have fond memories of, and we treat it as if it is show and tell.”

This year, Gulp is seeking Kent State alumni to be program guests. “This will create a connection between current students and alumni guests,” he said. “I have found that hearing stories from people that have gone through a similar experience helps to make the harder times go by easier.”

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Semancik is also interested in reinforcing the importance of Kent State alumni as part of the wider Golden Flash family. “Hopefully, this will be important to building a greater connection for our alumni and the campus community,” said Semancik. Learn more about Gulp Radio on Instagram and Spotify.

“Kent State has been a wonderful place to engage in my love for storytelling due to the culture that the campus has created,” he said. “Without a space like this, I feel that I would not have had the opportunity to learn the wide range of stories that each of my guests and peers have shared with me throughout the years.”

Gulp Radio is part of LaunchNET Kent State, a program that helps students, faculty, staff and alumni transform their ideas and entrepreneurial thinking into thriving businesses, successful projects or innovative collaborations. Through meetings, mentoring, workshops and events, LaunchNET promotes entrepreneurship and innovation and helps clients create new businesses or grow existing start-ups.

“Being a part of the LaunchNET community has allowed me to look at the big picture and put all the pieces of the puzzle together,” Semancik said. “By talking to some of the individuals involved in LaunchNET, I have become inspired and gained confidence in my idea to pursue the passion of storytelling further.”

Semancik is from Toledo, Ohio, and has cultivated his interest in storytelling while at Kent State. This semester he is using his creativity as an intern at the Wick Poetry Center on campus. If you are interested in learning more or potentially becoming a guest, please contact Joel Semancik.

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