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Photo of architect rendering of new College of Business Administration proposed building

New Crawford Hall Building

Building the Future
Crawford Hall

Kent State’s Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship is transforming the way we teach and the physical structure in which the business leaders of tomorrow learn. The college’s new building will enable teamwork and the use of new technology to prepare business students for careers of the future in businesses, large or small. It will provide spaces, furnishings and advanced technology that will allow students to learn in the classroom, as well as in labs and study spaces throughout the building, as they master new skills and prepare for their careers. 

“The new building will have the latest teaching technology to prepare students for business careers of the future. The unique building design will facilitate interaction among student teams, faculty and the business community. Such interaction is critical to team-based learning and the real-world application of modern business practices,” said Deborah Spake, Ph.D.,  Dean of the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

The new multistory structure will be the largest academic building to house a college on the Kent campus, providing 50 percent more square footage than the existing structure. The global nature of the students who will fill the building is reflected in a design that facilitates interaction among students, faculty and the business community from all over the world. The technology in the building will enable speakers to join a class from any nation or time zone. Such interaction broadens opportunities for students to gain a global perspective.


Support Our Future

Whether your gift supports construction costs for Crawford Hall, technology or new equipment, your generosity will help make our students’ futures Forever Brighter.