Cheyenne Clawson
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Scholarship Helps Dream Come True

Cheyenne Clawson, ’20, was a double major in geology and biology and also the mother to her daughter, Annabelle. Annabelle was born with a rare genetic disorder, septo-optic dysplasia, which affects early brain development including the optic nerves. 

During her final year, Cheyenne faced major financial issues and learned that her financial aid had run out. This left Cheyenne at a crossroads. All signs pointed to dropping out of college.

“I didn’t have another game plan, except to continue to work toward my degree,” Cheyenne explained. “Annabelle’s pregnancy was difficult, and I had to retake some of those classes, consuming a large portion of my financial aid. I was within a year of graduating and my financial aid is running out. When I discovered that I might not have enough to graduate, I fell apart. To be so close, finally, and not be able to finish...”

Cheyenne turned to Kent State Stark’s financial aid representatives for help. “I was nominated for the Last Dollar Scholarship, and I got it,” she said. “I cried in relief.”

“Everything happens for a reason, you know? You never know how one decision can so positively impact the life of another.”


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