Deborah and Bill Asbury

Deborah and Bill Asbury

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Supporting Our Student-Athletes

Bill Asbury, ’66, MA ’73, received a football scholarship to attend Kent State University. While on the practice field in 1964, he collapsed without warning. He was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with acute renal failure. Fortunately, the medical team stepped up and saved his life.  His Kent State team stepped up as well, because Flashes have always taken care of Flashes. Throughout his rigorous recovery his teammates, coaches and friends supported him, and his family never received a medical bill. 

“After receiving that kind of support, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to support my alma mater,” said Bill. 

The Asburys have made three bequests to support athletic scholarships as well as an additional commitment to support the Jenkins Student-Athlete Academic Center.

“The enthusiasm, energy and diversity of student-athletes and their drive to pursue excellence in the classroom, in competition and in their communities resonated with our values of academic excellence, community service and cultural awareness,” they said. 

Bill feels that believing strongly in something is a driving force in committing your time, talents or resources.

“If you value something, you in turn want to help create or improve it,” he said. “If you graduated from Kent State, think back on your life and experiences while you were a student, then decide if it was important to you. Kent State made a commitment to me long before I decided to support others and the university; I value my experience tremendously.”


Support Our Students

Whether your gift supports scholarships for student-athletes or funding for programs or coaching staff, your generosity will help make our student-athletes’ futures Forever Brighter.