Financial Records | Kent State University
Title of Series Description Retention Disposition Retention Group
Annual Financial Report Consolidated year-end report of financial situation showing assets and liabilities. Usually broken down by major funding area, such as academic and student services areas. May include audit report. 4 Years Review for continuing historical value and potential transfer to institutional archives. FIN7000
Audit Report - External Final report of state or independent auditor.  4 Years Archives. Review for historical value.  FIN7010
Audit Report - Internal Final report of the internal auditor 4 Years Destroy ADM3010
Bad Debt Actions (University specific) Overdue accounts, such as library fines, parking tickets, loans, payment for services rendered.  4 Years Destroy FIN6000
Bank Deposits Record of deposits in banking institutions.  4 Years Destroy FIN1000
Bank Reconciliations Explanation of differences between bank statement balance and actual balance.  4 Years Destroy FIN1000
Bank Statements Periodic statement of bank balances.  4 Years Destroy FIN1000
Bids Accepted For purchases.  Active + 5 Years  Destroy FIN8010
Bids Rejected For purchases.  3 Years Destroy FIN8000
Bond Registers Listing of bonds sold, usually for building projects, showing purchaser, date redeemed, interest due, etc.  Active + 6 Years Destroy FIN5000
Budget Planning Documents Budget requests, including program plans for coming year, usually by cost center.  Active + 1 Year  Archives. Review for historical value. FIN2000
Budget - Institutional Final, approved, yearly budget for institution, usually in printed form.  Active + 1 Year  Archives. Review for historical value. FIN2000
Canceled Checks   4 Years  Destroy FIN1000
Check Register (University specific) Book or original entry for all cash disbursements paid by check.  4 Years Destroy FIN1000
Cost Accounting (University specific) Record analyzing cost for producing certain items or performing certain tasks.  4 Years Destroy FIN7010
Delinquent Accounts Report (University specific) Listing of students who owe money to university or college. 4 Years Destroy FIN6000
Delivery Slips Documents sent with purchased goods indicating item(s) shipped.  3 Years Destroy FIN8020
Endowment Fund Reports - Annual Annual report of funds received and expended by endowment accounts. May be in form of report to donors.  Active + 6 Years  Archives. Review for historical value. FIN3000
Endowment Fund Reports - Periodic Periodic report of funds collected or expended by endowment accounts.  Active + 6 Years Destroy FIN3000
Parking Tickets - Unpaid (University specific)   4 Years Destroy FIN6000
Purchase Orders Purchasing Office's copy of order to a supplier authorizing purchase of goods. Active + 5 Years  Destroy FIN8010