Legal Resources

The Office of the General Counsel (GC) periodically conducts seminars for the purpose of educating the university community about legal issues.

This site contains much of the material from those seminars, as well as materials and opinions from the GC regarding a variety of issues. Please contact the GC Office at 330-672-2982 if you have any questions or need information on a subject not listed here.

Upcoming Seminars



"Legal Briefs" appears in e-Inside monthly to keep faculty and staff informed of legal issues and their implications.  Content is provided by the Office of General Counsel, whose mission is to ensure high-quality legal services to Kent State University in a timely, cost-effective manner, to reduce litigation and to ensure legal compliance.

Legal Services Provided by the Office of General Counsel (9/19/16)

Attorney-Client Privilege (11/7/16)

Protective and Restraining Orders (1/21/13)

Reporting Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (3/4/13)

What is Attorney-Client Privilege? (4/8/13)

University Trademarks (9/16/13)

When Does An Unpaid Internship Become Employment? (11/4/13)

Authorization to Contract on Behalf of the University (2/24/14)

Hiring International Employees (10/19/15)

Copyright Infringement Claims (11/16/15)

Raffles and Other Schemes of Chance (01/18/16)

Hold Harmless Process for University-sponsored Activities (3/14/16)

Political Campaigning on a Kent State Campus (4/18/16)

Interaction With Attorneys Regarding University-related Legal Matters (6/20/16)