About Green Dot

Visualize for a moment, the image that has been shown on many television and movie screens. The image of small red dots representing an epidemic spreading across a computer generated map of the US. With alarming speed, those individual dots spread and duplicate until the entire map is glowing red as a result of millions of individual red dots.


Now imagine a map of Kent State. Each red dot on this map is an act of power based personal violence. One red dot is a single moment in time where someone’s choices, actions, words or behaviors contribute to or tolerates power based personal violence in any way.  It is the three seconds it takes to raise a hand and strike them, the two minutes it takes for someone to use their words to threaten or intimidate, or coerce someone, or even just the split second decision to walk away and do nothing. Even inaction on the part of those standing by can be a red dot.


Now imagine a green dot on that map of Kent State. In the same way as the red dot, the green dot is just a moment in time that represents a behavior, choice, word or attitude that promotes safety and  that expresses an intolerance for violence in our campus community. A green dot is pulling a friend out of a high risk situation at a party, posting a message on Facebook, coordinating a training for your student organization, displaying an awareness poster in your office, or even talking with friends and family, letting them know that addressing violence matters to you.

That green dot is just that moment in time when you are presented with a choice to do something or do nothing. Either has its consequences and no one is asking you to change your whole life. Instead, we ask you to take time and find your green dot moment.  Then add your green dot to our university community.

What's Your Green Dot?