What You Can Do

Taking Action: Green Dots You Can Do Right Now

if you are TOO BUSY

  • Send a mass email to your contact list with a simple message, "This issue is important to me and I believe in the goal of reducing violence."
  • Change your email signature line to include the statement, "Proud to be a GREEN DOT supporter" and include the link to the Green Dot website
  • Next time you are walking to class with a friend, have one conversation and tell them that ending violence matters to you.
  • Add a "Green Dot supporter" statement on your Facebook profile. Like the Green Dot Facebook Page and tell your friends about it.
  • Make one announcement to one group or organization you are involved in, telling them about GREEN DOT.
  • Put a green dot on your door so people will know you are a green dot supporter.
  • Make Green Dot the topic of a paper or speech you have to do for a class.

if you AREN'T SURE you CARE

  • Ask 5 people in your life how power-based personal violence has impacted them (directly or indirectly) and listen to their response.
  • Think about the women in your life that you care most about, and consider that they have 1 in 3 odds of becoming victims of violence in their lifetime.
  • Tell one person how you would feel if they did become a victim.
  • Educate yourself about the impact of violence on victims and those who love them.
  • Talk to all the other students who do care. Ask them to tell you why they are into it


  • Tell a woman in your life that power-based personal violence matters to you.
  • Ask women in your life how power-based personal violence has impacted them.
  • Ask a man in your life how power-based personal violence has impacted him or someone he cares about.
  • Have one conversation with one male friend or relative about the GREEN DOT.
  • Ask a woman in your life what you can do to help take a stand against violence.
  • Ask one male friend or relative what he thinks about power-based personal violence and what men could do to help stop it.
  • Visit the Jackson Katz website (www.jacksonkatz.com) and read "10 Things Men Can Do To End Gender Violence."
  • Have a conversation with a younger man or boy who looks up to you about how important it is for men to help end violence.
  • Google "men against violence" and read what men around the country are doing.
  • If you suspect someone you care about is a victim of violence, gently ask if you can help.
  • Attend an awareness event with three male friends.
  • Organize a men's event to raise money to support violence prevention.
  • Text your three best guy friends that you went to the Green Dot training and you want to talk to them about it.


  • Wear a green dot t-shirt one day this week and explain to someone what it means.
  • Talk to a friend of yours about the importance of getting involved in prevention.
  • Wear a Green Dot button one day this week.
  • Bring a friend to an awareness event.
  • Integrate information about power-based personal violence (PBPV) into one class discussion.
  • Talk to a leader in a student organization that you are involved in and recommend that the membership take the Green Dot Bystander training.
  • Write a letter to the editor of the Kernel talking about any aspect of PBPV that is most powerful to you (i.e., the importance of everyone getting involved, or anything that you learned at the training).
  • Discuss with friends a situation portrayed in the media (a movie, TV show, news story, billboard, YouTube, etc.) that might support a culture of PBPV and explain why it upsets you.
  • Integrate information about any form of power-based personal violence into a class assignment (i.e., paper or speech or presentation).
  • Take a friend to lunch and talk about how this issue is important to you and ask for their help.
  • Tell someone that you know that way too many students will be victims of violence and that you feel like you need to be a part of reducing it.
  • Write a paragraph about your connection to power-based personal violence and post it on your Facebook page.
  • Put "ending power-based personal violence" on your Facebook "what's on your mind" window.

Look for the green dots where your skill, interest, passion and opportunity intersect for the largest impact.

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