Biometric Health Screening

Activity: "Know Your Numbers" Biometric Health Screening"

Reward points per activity: 100

Reward points maximum allowable per activity per year: 100

Details: Attend an on-site health screening, or may be completed in your primary care physician’s office, between Jan. 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017. Screening must include: Total cholesterol (HDL and LDL), triglycerides, blood pressure, glucose, and body mass index.

How to report activity: If your Biometric Health Screening is completed with Be Well Solutions it will automatically be recorded as it is completed.  If completed in your physician’s office, please log in to the Be Well portal, under "My Wellness", select "Program Forms and Information", print the "1-Physician Screening Form" and take it with you to your appointment.   Return completed form to Be Well Solutions via email to or fax to 440-498-1366.  Must be completed by June 30, 2017.   *Biometric Health Screenings completed Aug. 1, 2016 through Dec. 31, 2016 will automatically be credited to your 2017 incentive points.

Be Well Portal:
Be Well Phone: 1-888-WEL-SERV (935-7378)

Additional information:  Account registration required if not previously completed. Instructions for first-time access to Be Well Solutions portal can be found at