Medical, dental, prescription, vision, life insurance, long-term and short-term disability coverage are available to full-time employees and eligible family members. Employees may, however, opt-out of university-provided benefits by completing the Opt-Out Affidavit and certifying that they have comparable medical coverage through another source. There is a $100 incentive for every full month that an employee participates in the opt-out option.

Since many of the university’s benefits are governed by Internal Revenue Service code, there are rules that govern when employees may change a benefit election throughout the year. Generally, employees must have a life status change or life event (i.e., marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child), in order to make a change during the calendar year. An employee must notify the Benefits Department within 31 days of the life event; otherwise, they may have to wait until the next open enrollment to make a benefit change selection.

  • The university offers domestic partner benefits to benefit-eligible employees (effective Jan. 1, 2009). 
  • The benefits extend to both same gender and opposite gender partners of university faculty, unclassified employees and classified employees.
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