Leave FAQ-Poll Worker

Q:  How many hours can an employee be paid to work the polls?

A: Up to eight hours, but never to exceed the amount of hours that were regularly scheduled for the requesting employee’s shift.

Q:  Can an employee be paid for training sessions prior to the Election Day?

A: No, they can be paid only for the day of the election. However, an employee may request personal leave or vacation leave. Decisions to grant leave remains with the supervisor and are subject to the operational needs of the work unit.

Q:  Can an employee work a poll in another state under this provision?

A: No, the state provision only applies to Ohio.

Q: Does working for a candidate’s campaign on the day of an election count as working a poll?

A: No.

Q: How does the time get reflected with the university?

A: For Classified employees, supervisors must document the time away as “university business” within the electronic timekeeping system. No action is needed for unclassified employees. However, all employees participating in the poll work, must have the Poll Worker Form signed by the poll official and will turn the signed form into their supervisor and a copy to HR.

Q: Can anyone work a poll under this provision?

A: No, only full-time or part-time staff, not faculty. Additionally, request must be submitted in writing to the employee’s supervisor. Supervisors are not obligated to grant any request for an employee to work a poll. Each supervisor must make his or her own determination as to whether or not their unit/department can still work in an effective and efficient manner without the employee working on Election Day.


updated 10/11/13