Military Leave

Faculty and staff, full-time or part-time who are members of the uniformed services and called to active duty (federal or state), are entitled to military leave of absence with pay for up to one month each calendar year. A month means 22 eight-hour workdays or 176 hours within one calendar year.

An employee who requests a military leave of absence must provide reasonable advance written notice of such active military service to the university. Such advance notice is not required where it is precluded by military necessity or the giving of such notice is otherwise impossible or unreasonable.

An employee separated or discharged under honorable conditions must make application for re-employment to his/her former position within ninety (90) days from the date of release from service, or within ninety (90) days after release from hospitalization due to an in-service injury or illness which has not exceeded a period of more than one year.

An original or certified copy of the discharge or certificate of service must be provided for photocopying by the university with each request for reinstatement or reappointment.

For further information, contact the Benefits Department at 330-672-3107 or

AFSCME employees should refer to Article 30 of the AFSCME Agreement for additional information.