Poll Worker

Kent State University recognizes that there is a need for a pool of available individuals to serve as poll workers during an election. That is why the university has established guidelines on poll worker leave for eligible employees.

Under the guidelines from Human Resources, in the Division of People, Culture and Belonging, university employees who volunteer as poll workers can take advantage of paid leave during a general, primary, or special election in Ohio. Similar policies are already in practice at state-level agencies.  Poll worker leave cannot be used for training sessions. However, an employee may request personal leave or vacation leave.  Such leave consideration will be subject to supervisor approval based on the operational needs of the unit.

According to the guidelines, permanent part-time and full-time classified and unclassified employees can request poll worker leave from their supervisor, subject to the following conditions:

  • The request must be at least 14 calendar days prior to the date of the election;
  • The request must be in writing;
  • The request must include the employee's intent to serve as a poll worker and specify the county in which the employee intends to serve; and
  • The request must be turned in to the employee's immediate supervisor.

The decision to grant leave remains with the supervisor, subject to the "operational needs of the work unit."  Incomplete requests or requests with missing documentation will not be considered submitted until the error is corrected.

Employees are only eligible to receive paid leave for their time as a poll worker on an hour-for-hour basis, up to the maximum number of hours the employee was regularly scheduled to work on an election day.  Review the poll worker leave guidelines for provisions.

NOTE:  For questions regarding this option as it relates to classified and unclassified staff, please contact HR Records at 330-672-8316.  For faculty, please contact Academic Personnel at 330-672-2220.