Evaluation Homepage

The Evaluation Homepage

Log in at https://videsktop.kent.edu/viEvalHomepage/login.aspx

Once you are logged in to the evaluation site, you will see six* tabs on the left hand side of the evaluation homepage:

  1. View All  - by default you will begin in the “View All” Tab
  2. Complete My Self Evaluation  - To view all self-evaluations you have access to complete for yourself)
  3. Performance Evaluation  - Select this to view all evaluations you have access complete for employees you supervise.
  4. My Performance Log – Your personal log to record special projects, training, etc. throughout the year.
  5. Update Performance Log  - Managers may now keep a log of events, projects, discussions, etc throughout the year and refer to it for the evaluation process.   
  6. View Results - Select this to view your employees' self evaluation, or previous year evaluation.

Evaluation homepage illustration

*Depending on your role (evaluator/evaluatee) you may not have all of the tabs shown. 
For instance, if you do not evaluate another employee you may not see (3) Performance Evaluation and (5) Performance Log.