Evaluation-How to view results

Within the View Results area of the evaluation homepage you will have access to view:

  • Your employee's signed evaluation from the previous year (Team Leader)  
  • Your employee's current self-evaluation  (Team Leader)
  • Your employees final signed copy of the current year evaluation (Team Leader
  • Your own signed evaluation from the previous year (Evaluator)
  1. From the Homepage, select the "View Results" tab to see a list of reports available to you.
  2. Select the evaluation (result) you would like to view. For example: If your team or department completed Unclassified Model D, you would select "2015 Model D Employee Signature Form"
    1. In order for FINALIZED evaluations to appear in this area, the employee must have completed his/her evaluation signature form 
  3. If you are prompted to select your role, here are the options:
    1. Evaluator – This is where you will see YOUR OWN finalized signature page if this is the evaluation model in which you were evaluated. 
    2. Team Leader – This is where you will see the finalized signature pages of your TEAM MEMBERS.
  4. You may select a status (Completed, In-Progress, Not Started) or simply select the [Display] button to display all evaluations.
  5. Select “view” to the right of the name of the evaluatee (result) you would like to view.
    (in this illustration, you can see that there is one employee that has completed their signature page and one who has not)
  6. The next screen will show the evaluation results.
  7. To print, use your browsers print function or right click with your mouse and select “print”.

If you do not see the report you are looking for, please contact Employee Relations for assistance.