Explanation of Ratings-Classified Evaluations

Classified Performance Ratings

Each category of performance will have a definition of ratings that are more specific. The intention is to note specific information about each rating to add consistency and clarity to the performance evaluation process.

An example is listed below:

A. Completes Work Assignment Accurately (Quality of Work)
Often Exceeds Performs work at the highest level of accuracy with little or no supervision required. Mistakes are extremely rare, yet minor. 
Consistently Meets Performs work at the acceptable level of accuracy with minimal supervision. Mistakes are minimal, and minor in nature.
Usually Meets Completes assignments according to the established work standards with routine supervision. Mistakes do occur occasionally.
*Needs to Improve Occasionally assignments are performed to an unacceptable level of accuracy even while under close supervision. Mistakes do occur regularly.
*Below Minimum Work is rarely performed at an acceptable level of accuracy and the mistakes made are major, even while under constant supervision.

*As a reminder, for any category in which an employee is rated "Needs to improve" or "Below minimum," the manager and employee will be required to complete a Classified Performance Improvement Plan Worksheet. Please contact Employee Relations if you have any questions.