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Find Your Dream Job. These Alumni Found Theirs.

Kent State has led the way in library and information science for 70+ years. Today, we offer online master’s degrees taught by world-renowned researchers. And we continually hear from alumni that their education took them where they wanted to go in life. Read about where a master's degree from Kent State's iSchool has taken our alumni, and when you're ready, start your own journey.

Find your dream job
  • Kendra Jobes, M.S. (UXD), '18

    Product Designer, Disney

    “At its heart, Disney is really an experience company. It’s all about creating magical experiences for guests. And that means trying to eliminate as many pain points in the guest’s journey as possible. UX plays a crucial role in that. Things like buying theme park passes online, mobile ordering food in the parks and checking wait times for rides via the app are all designed to help create a better guest experience.”

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  • Trevor U. Watkins, M.L.I.S., 14, M.S., '16

    "I love the library (as corny as it may sound), and have a passion for teaching, and working with students and faculty. ... Going through the iSchool builds on my ability to work anywhere and in almost any capacity in the field.”

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  • Susannah Woodbury, M.L.I.S., '18

    Taxonomist, Etsy.com

    “My work as a taxonomist overlaps with all three of these fields, and the classes I took in these disciplines at Kent State contributed to my working knowledge. I was hired for my dream job based on my course experience alone.”

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  • Brianna Treleven, M.L.I.S., '16

    Executive Director, Shaker Historical Society

    "Not only did I learn the basics of collections and archives management, but I also learned how to communicate with diverse audiences, write an exhibit script, handle and label objects and physically care for objects, among many other skills. These are invaluable in my current position."

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  • Andrea Legg, M.L.I.S., '09

    Assistant Director of the Tuscarawas County Public Library System

    Kent’s M.L.I.S. program set up a wonderful foundation for me. I felt more than prepared to enter the job market … and skills I gained are concepts that I still draw upon today in my current position.”

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