Share a Job, Internship or Research Opportunity

iSchool students are online learners, which means they are self-driven, motivated, and demonstrate the ability to work independently and through collaboration.  

Our renowned faculty are engaged in research and can provide students with opportunities for intellectual curiosity as well as to learn how research and data drive critical thinking and decision making.  Here are some options on how your institution can engage with and work with our students.

Internships and Jobs

We help assist our students in their job and internship search by sharing opportunities on an online job board as well as through email.

  • Internships: By hosting a student intern, you will connect with an eager individual looking for hands-on experience and who can contribute to your many projects.

  • RecruitmentThe iSchool can connect you to individuals looking to make an impact in your organization. Post your job opportunities for current students and alumni.

Share an Internship Opportunity Share a Job Recruitment Opportunity

Research and Professional Outreach

There are many ways that your institution can connect with iSchool students.

  • Collaborative Research and Projects: Want a fresh perspective on solving a problem or completing a project for your organization? Our faculty and students can help.

  • Featured webinar speaker or guest lecturer or a course: The iSchool curriculum balances theory and practice. Your experience and point of view as an information professional can contribute to courses and webinars.

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