Student Learning at RCLC

The Reinberger Children’s Library Center (RCLC) embraces Kent State University’s number one priority, “students first,” as a part of its mission. The RCLC is committed to using its vast research collections, iSchool faculty collaborations, and its physical and virtual platforms to provide hands-on learning experiences to students. 

Whether through graduate assistantships, internships, classroom visits, or special events, the RCLC strives to help students build the practical knowledge, 21st century soft skills, professional connections, and confidence that they need to become tomorrow’s leaders in the field of Information Science.

What is the RCLC's Impact on Students?

Over the years, the RCLC has been supported by many talented graduate assistants and student employees. Read about their learning experiences at the RCLC by clicking on the images below.

  • Angela Wojtecki

    Angela Wojtecki

    "The foundation that was built as part of my GA experience in the Reinberger was what I really needed to become the teacher, leader, innovator, and librarian I am today.”

  • Brianna Treleven

    Brianna Treleven

    "Working in the RCLC allowed me to learn how to be flexible, adapt to ever-changing situations, and resourcefully address challenges.”

  • Haley Shaw

    Haley Shaw

    “The practical experience I gathered working at the RCLC as a graduate assistant definitely was useful and I continue to build those skills in my current role.”

  • Deepak Ainani

    Deepak Ainani

    "My web design experience at the RCLC helped me not only launch my career, but also get to where I am today.”

  • Julia Stone

    Julia Stone

    “Working as a GA at the RCLC has helped me improve a variety of in-demand skills, including event planning, customer service, collection management, and marketing.”

How Can You Gain Experience At the RCLC?


The RCLC hosts a number of in-person and virtual learning opportunities throughout the year for current students, alumni, and information professionals. These events include Mock Caldecotts, cataloging events, the annual Marantz Picturebook Research Symposium, the Virginia Hamilton Conference on Multicultural Literature for Youth, visits from local authors and illustrators, and more.

Follow the RCLC’s Facebook account and Instagram for event announcements.

Work Experience

If you are a current student and are interested in supporting the RCLC as a graduate assistant, student employee, intern, or volunteer, contact the Reinberger Children’s Library Center’s Director, Michelle Baldini ( 
ISchool students have gained experience 

  • Creating and installing physical and virtual exhibits
  • Supporting visiting scholars and children's books research
  • Organizing and promoting events
  • Marketing on social media
  • Curating and designing websites
  • Cataloging
  • Writing book reviews 

Writing for the RCLC’s Blog

The RCLC is always in need of guest student contributions to the Reinberger Children’s Library Center’s blog

Students may use content from assignments completed during the MLIS program for book reviews with permission from their instructor. Book reviews can be written about any children’s, tween, or young adult book that is worthy of recommendation and has not already been reviewed. That is to say, that the review should be positive. Currently, we are in most need of reviews of tween, young adult and graphic novels. 

Reviews should include a brief summary of the book’s storyline/content (no more than 50 words give or take), and, in around 150 words, your critical review of the work. The review should include discussion of the book's themes, illustrations/book cover (if applicable), and other major points of interest (plot, pacing, character development, potential use in libraries or classrooms etc.) as you deem appropriate.

Please also provide a citation with the author, illustrator, title, publisher, and year with your submission. In addition, include your recommendation for the target audience for the work.

Published book reviews are great pieces to add to your resume and this is a wonderful learning opportunity if you are interested in contributing to publications in the field in the future. Plenty of examples can be found on the blog. The RCLC will work to help students fine-tune submissions. If you have any questions or want to submit your first review, reach out to Michelle Baldini (