English & Communication

ENG 11002 College Writing Stretch I
ENG 11011 College Writing I
ENG 21011 College Writing II
CACM 11001 Introduction to Conflict Management
COMM 15000 Introduction to Human Communication
COMM 21000 Communication Grammar Review

Foreign Languages

FR 13201 Elementary French I
SPAN 18201 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 18202 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 28021 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 28022 Intermediate Spanish II

Social Sciences

ANTH 18210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 18420 Introduction to Archeology
ANTH 18630 Human Evolution
GEOG 10160 Introduction to Geography
GEOG 21062 Physical Geography
PSYC 11762 General Psychology
PSYC 20651 Child Psychology
PSYC 21621 Quantitative Methods in Psychology
SOC 12050 Introduction to Sociology

General Humanities

HIS 11050 World History: Ancient
HIS 11051 World History: Modern
HIS 12070 US History: Formative Period
HIS 12071 US History: Modern Period
PAS 23001 Black Experience I
PAS 23002 Black Experience II
PHIL 11001 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 21001 Introduction to Ethics