Decision Timeframe

Depending on the request, allow 1 to 14 business days for review, research, decision and processing. Current term petitions are reviewed first. Retroactive requests for prior terms may take longer. If you have questions regarding the status of your petition, please email   

If all necessary information and documentation is provided from the beginning, the petition process is completed much faster. Delays occur when forms are incomplete and when relevant information and documentation is missing. If your petition is pending, you must follow-up as soon as you are able to provide the requested information, if it is needed from the student. There are times when the Office of the University Registrar has directly contacted faculty and/or staff and await additional information.


Decisions are communicated through the student’s KSU email account. If they are a former student we ask that the student provide the best phone number and personal email address, which will be verified. A mailing address may also be included.

Incomplete Petitions

Incomplete petitions may be returned to the student. 


If any additional information/documentation is needed the petition will only remain pending for 1 week. A decision will be made. The petition will be considered not sufficient to review/approve due to being incomplete, and therefor denied.

Return for Revision

If any request form is returned to the student for correction, a deadline will be indicated in the return message. If the updated form or the correct form (in the cases of the wrong form being submitted) is not received by the deadline, we will be unable to consider the request. 

Petitions that are not approved

All students are granted a one-time opportunity to appeal the decision. Appeal decisions are final. Email, for details.