BSCI 10001 Human Biology
BSCI 10110 Biological Diversity
BSCI 10120 Biological Foundations
BSCI 20020 Structure & Function
BSCI 20021 Basic Microbiology
BSCI 21010 Anatomy & Physiology
BSCI 30140 Cell Biology
BSCI 30156 Elements of Genetics
BSCI 30171 General Microbiology
NUTR 23511 Science of Human Nutrition


CHEM 10030 Chemistry in Our World
CHEM 10050 Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM 10055 Molecules of Life
CHEM 10060 General Chemistry I
CHEM 10061 General Chemistry II
CHEM 20481 Basic Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 20482 Basic Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 30481 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 30482 Organic Chemistry II

Computer Science

CS 10051 Introduction to Computer Science
CS 13001 CS I: Program/ Problem Solving
CS 23001 CS II: Data Structures/ Abstraction
CS 23022 Discrete Structures


PHY 11030 Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe
PHY 13001 General College Physics I
PHY 13002 General College Physics II
PHY 13011 College Physics I
PHY 13012 College Physics II
PHY 23101 General University Physics I
PHY 23102 General University Physics II