Digital Humanities

Digital humanities (DH) is a rapidly growing field—an area of scholarly activity at the intersection of digital technologies and the disciplines of the humanities. This pathway is designed to prepare students for careers in the new generation of information professionals who will collaborate in research, teaching, and professional development in DH. You will gain knowledge and skills in the systematic use of digital resources in the humanities and the application of cutting‐edge digital information technology and methods. Career possibilities include roles in DH centers (many of which are hosted in academic libraries), educational units that provide DH educational programs, and cultural heritage institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums (LAMs) that serve humanities scholars, students, and users. 

Considering the variety of backgrounds that our MLIS students possess, this pathway gives flexibility so that students can build upon their prior knowledge and make a custom pathway by choosing among a broad range of electives. 

In addition to the M.L.I.S. core requirements, students in this pathway should add courses such as the following foundation courses to their elective requirements.  

Foundational (KEY) Courses

LIS 60635 Cultural Heritage Informatics (3  credits)

LIS 61095 (Special Topics) Introduction to Digital Humanities (3  credits)

Digital Technologies 

LIS 60510 Digital Technologies I: Data Fundamentals (1 credit)

LIS 60511 Digital Technologies II: Internet Fundamentals (1 credit) 

LIS 60512 Digital Technologies III: Information Systems Fundamentals (1 credit) 

LIS 60631 Introduction to Digital Preservation (3  credits) 

LIS 60633 Digital Curation (3  credits) 

LIS 60651 Digital Image Processing and Collection Management (3  credits) 

LIS 61095 (Special Topics) Linked Data (3 credits)


LIS 60615 The Academic Library (3  credits) 

LIS 60654 Preservation and Conservation of Heritage Materials (3  credits) 

LIS 60665 Rare Books & Special Collections (3  credits) 

LIS 61095 (Special Topics) Introduction to Audiovisual Archiving (1 credit) 

LIS 60700 Foundations of Museum Studies (3  credits) 

LIS 60701 Museum Collections (3  credits) 


KM 60370 Semantic Analysis Methods (3  credits) 

LIS 60613 Information Needs, Seeking and Use (key) (3  credits) 

LIS 60636 Knowledge Organization Systems, Structures and Services (3  credits)

UXD 60001 User Experience Design Principles and Concepts (3  credits)

Download the full pathway document  to see additional recommended courses, related competencies, sample job titles, professional associations, and journals.