Information and Knowledge Organization

Information and Knowledge Organization (IKO) is concerned with the standards, processes, practices, and associated technologies for representation and organization of information objects for future access, use, and discoverability in any environment.

There are a number of career paths within the information organization domain. You can select one or can combine more than one to create your plan of study. These include career paths in:

  • Archival Description
  • Cataloging & Metadata
  • Metadata Design and Architecture
  • Museum Documentation and Cultural Object Cataloging
  • Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Semantic Analysis

Whichever path you choose, the core course requirements listed in the Kent State University Catalog Year are required for all students. Find YOUR Catalog Year (CY) and your core course requirements in your GPS (Graduation Planning System) record in Flashline under Resources>Advising and GPS. For program requirements, consult the appropriate Catalog.

For further information on required and recommended courses in this area, please consult the advising sheet for the Information and Knowledge Organization pathway.

Faculty Supporting the Information and Knowledge Organization Areas