Recent Alumni Presented at DCMI 2022

The twentieth International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DCMI 2022) took place on October 3-7. These conferences expanded the DCMI scope to the whole spectrum of metadata innovation, best practices, and focused on challenges and opportunities in a diverse and data-intensive world.  

At the conference, five Kent State University iSchool alumni had the opportunity to give their own presentations on diverse topics relating to metadata uses, best practices, management, etc. Let’s check out some of the amazing work our alumni have been up to. 

John Antill (KM)

Headshot of John Antill

John's presentation focused on how to identify lessons learned and actively use them instead of losing them to the lessons learned database. 

“Best Practices and Lessons Learned Databases versus actively changing rules and SOPS as they are identified” 

Julaine Clunis (MLIS & HI; Ph.D. of CCI) 

Julaine Clunis headshot

Julaine presented at the Networked Knowledge Organization Systems Workshop held at the DCMI 2022 Conference where she presented on an investigation into the utility of open-source data analytics, reporting, and integration software for mapping knowledge organization systems (KOS) dedicated to COVID-19.

“Investigating COVID-19 Analytics and Research with Clinical Knowledge Organization Systems”    

L.P. Coladangelo (MLIS & now doctoral student): 

Headshot of L.P. Coladangelo

L.P. presented on how do we focus on perspectives that form part of an intangible cultural heritage.

Core Cultural Metadata Model (CCMM) Workshop 

L.P. Coladangelo also presented at the NKOS Workshop, held at the DCMI 2022 Conference where he presented:

“Initial Development of a Linked Data Infrastructure for Strength Training Information: Linked Fitness Training (LiFT) Ontology”    


“Toward a Framework for Visual Nomen” 

Jeff Mixter (MLIS and UxD):    

Jeff Mixter headshot

 Jeff's talk discussed the framework for a project on how to convert current CONTENTdm metadata into linked structured data, manage that data, create new data, and leverage the structed data to improve the end-user experience of CONTENTdm.

Panel: Metadata and Knowledge Graphs   

Sean Petiya (UxD and MLIS)  

Sean Petiya headshot

Sean's presentation outlined the methodology and results of a limited pilot study exploring the semantic enrichment of metadata for mental health comics by better connecting their content to healthcare-related Linked Open Data resources.

Panel: Metadata for Visual Media Arts – Manga/Comics, Game, Animation   

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