Is Your Account Secure?

Are you worried about being compromised? Well, staying safe is not hard. All it takes is some simple steps to keep your digital identity safe from unwanted people.


set a strong password

  • Use paraphrases - A  string containing letters, numbers, and special symbols to make the password harder to crack
  • Make sure every password is unique to all other accounts 
  • Never use passwords that can be easily guessed or found online about you (Birthday or first/last name) 
  • Use a password manager to help you store your passwords

Use Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA)

  • MFA is to ensure you are the only one actually signing in to the account. By adding a second security layer on your account, if your password was cracked, MFA will ensure no one signs in except for you 
  • Kent State offers a variety of methods to configure MFA, you can visit this link to see the different options  
  • To setup MFA, you can visit this link

If you suspect anything, REPORT IT!

  • If you notice unauthorized bank transactions, call your bank to deactivate your credit card
  • If you feel unusual activity in your Kent State account, please call the Office of Security and Access Management  at 330-672-5566 or by email at
  • If you have been a victim of identity theft, here are some tips and clues on keeping your identity safe