Decisions Prior to Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

Before configuring Multi-Factor Authentication for your account, you will need to decide what additional method you will use to verify your identity. You can use the same authentication option multiple times if you wish. For example, you can configure multiple phone numbers to receive SMS text messages or phone calls. 


  • Configure at least two of the following options for your account.
  • Use the "Mobile App with a Notification" option if possible.
  • Faculty and Staff: Ensure your direct office extension is configured to receive a phone call if possible.

Options to Verify Authentications

Option Description
Mobile App with a Notification You will receive a notification on the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone or tablet.
Mobile App with a Verification Code You will receive a verification code from the Microsoft Authenticator app to enter during the login process.
Mobile Phone SMS Text You will receive an SMS text message on your mobile device containing a 6-digit temporary code to enter during the login process.
Phone Call You will receive an automated phone call to your phone. Answer the call and follow the instructions provided in the call to verify the authentication. 


Next Steps:

Once you have decided which verification methods you would like to use, please proceed to configure MFA on your account for the first time or How to Reconfigure Multi-Factor Authentication Settings