Mobile App with a Verification Code

To test that the mobile authenticator is working correctly please follow the steps below. You can use any authenticator app to receive your codes through. These codes can be generated even without cell service or internet. Kent State recommends you use the Microsoft Authenticator.

1. Login to flashline at

Sign into flashline

2. Click on settings

Settings gear on Flashline

3. Scroll down on the settings page until you see “Enhanced Security Options”

4. Click on “Update Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Device Information”

Enhanced Security Options

5. You will then be prompted to confirm your identity with one of the methods.

Enter an authentication code.

6. Choose the way you want to verify

  •  The verification code from a mobile app method works without Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Choice of authentication methods

7. Once you verify that the method works you will be able to authenticate yourself while traveling.

8. You will be able to see all of the methods your Kent State account has after entering the code.

Below are the methods listed on the account shown. If you do not see Microsoft Authenticator or Authenticator app you need to configure one of the two choices to get codes offline when you are traveling abroad. Please see the link below.

Authentication methods listed

If you do not have the mobile application configured, please follow the link bellow:

To see all possible multi-factor authentication methods, please follow the link below: