The Equal Access Academy

Welcome to the Equal Access Academy! You can find scheduled trainings below that cater to your specific learning goals and job responsibilities. More trainings are being added each semester, so check back soon to find more. If you would like to see something discussed or taught that isn't listed, please let us know by emailing

Trainings are separated into two categories: those focused on general awareness of accessibility and disability, and those relating specifically to creating accessible digital content. We highly recommend starting with Accessibility Awareness 101 before you move on to more specific trainings. 

"Creating Equal Access Awareness" Courses

1. Accessibility Awareness 101

This is the foundational workshop for understanding accessibility at Kent State. If you’re signed up for or interested in taking any other Equal Access Academy trainings, we recommend taking this training. In other words, START HERE. We'll dismantle mistaken assumptions about disability and accessibility and explore the experiences of our students with disabilities. Open to students and employees.

2. Accessibility Animals on Campus

How does a guinea pig help with disability? Can I pet my friend's Seeing Eye dog? Do I have to allow an emotional support cat in my class? Come get answers to these questions and more. Open to students, staff, and faculty. Highly recommended for faculty and student-facing staff.

3. What is Neurodiversity?

Join us for a discussion on changing the way neurodiversity is viewed from an all-encompassing characteristic to a facet of one's identity. This will be done by discussing what stigmas are present, why the term neurodiversity was coined and how we can reframe our thoughts.

4. Creating an Accessible Kent State: the Value of Becoming a Student-with-Disabilities-Ready University

*Designed for Unit, Department, and Division Leaders or Other Administrators
This training will help you see the value of better accessibility preparedness and advocacy as one of the ways we live our Kent State values. Your buy-in can dramatically increase the impact of existing efforts and expand accessibility as a critical part of recruitment, retention, and ultimately, graduation, of Kent State students.


"Creating Equal Access to Digital Content" Courses

1. Creating Accessible Digital Marketing and Social Media 101

Learn best practices for creating accessible social media posts, emails, newsletters, videos, and digital displays.  Open to students, staff, and faculty. Highly recommended for content writers and communications employees, both staff and student. 
Companion webpage: Accessible Marketing

2. Creating Accessible Office 365 Documents

Learn the accessibility features of and best practices for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point, and learn how to save documents as accessible PDFs. Session includes hands-on practice. Open to students, staff, and faculty. 
Companion webpage: Accessible Documents

3. Making PDFs Accessible with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Learn how to review PDFs for accessibility, including how to quickly identify and fix accessibility issues using Adobe Acrobat Pro’s built-in tools, resulting in an accessible PDF. Session includes hands-on practice. Open to students, staff, and faculty.
Companion webpage: Accessible Documents

4. Accessibility for Webmasters 101

 *Designed for any editor with existing Drupal access
Join the Digital Accessibility Team and UCM’s Web Team to discuss the fundamentals of web accessibility and how Kent State users with disabilities experience content on the web. Open to approved Drupal editors, student or employee.
Companion webpage: Accessible Websites

5. Accessibility for Webmasters 201: Toolbox and Auditing

In this workshop, we’ll use Siteimprove’s Quality Assurance and Accessibility modules to quickly identify, prioritize and fix issues on your website.

6. Accessibility for Webmasters 202: Strategy

In this workshop, we’ll review the important concepts learned throughout the 101 and 201 courses and see how they fit into creating a long term and sustainable web accessibility strategy for your department or divisional website. .

7. Creating Accessible Courses: Designing Proactively Before Accommodation Letters

*Designed for Faculty and Education/Instructional Design Students
Course accessibility and universal design principles are not ON or OFF. They are part of the journey you are already on: pursuing the best ways to meet the educational needs of your students. We'll give you entry-level through advanced tips for ensuring an accessible course.
Companion Webpage: Accommodations for Faculty

8. Writing Accessible Code

*Designed for Developers
Writing accessible code is an essential development skill and a necessity for potential or current students, faculty, or staff who access your digital content or application via many different devices, interfaces, and assistive technologies. Accessible code is easier to write, easier to understand, and enables the greatest amount of access to the information that you care about, but it also ensures an equitable experience for all Kent State users. 
Companion Webpage: Accessible Code