Accessibility Awareness

Accessibility Awareness 101

Presented by:
Amanda Feaster, Director of Student Accessibility Services, Division of Student Affairs
James Trombka, Accessibility Specialist, Student Accessibility Services

This is the foundational workshop for understanding accessibility at Kent State. We'll dismantle mistaken assumptions about disability and accessibility and explore the experiences of our students with disabilities. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of the additional challenges students with disabilities face and eager to work towards Equal Access for the entire Flashes Family. Open to students and employees.

Upcoming Sessions

TBA, Spring 2024

Accessibility Awareness 201

Presented by:
Amanda Feaster, Director, Student Accessibility Services
Donna Bernert, Associate Professor, Health Sciences

Come dig deeper with us on the models of disability, progress in disability activism and education, how disability and higher education intersect, and best practices for communicating with people with disabilities.

Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday, October 24th
1 - 2 p.m.