November 2023 Edition of Inside Equal Access

While “Adopt a Disability for a Day” wasn’t featured in this October’s Disability Awareness Month event lineup, it was offered at the first “Understanding Disability and Physical Difference Month” celebrated on campus in November of 1971. Students, faculty, and staff were “encouraged to adopt a phys

Now that the semester is coming to a close and the air has grown cold, there was one event where Kent State students, faculty, parents, and alumni were able to gather together and celebrate; and that is Homecoming. At Kent State University, Homecoming allows the Golden Flash community to honor their university and celebrate what it means to be a part of Kent State.

Welcome to a new Tools of the Trade series: Assistive Technology! In this series, we’ll look at various devices and software that have helped drive innovation and inclusion in the world of technology. Assistive technology enables and promotes inclusion and participation, especially of people with di