The Equal Access Cooperative was born in the hearts of Alison Haynes and Amanda Feaster. They envision it as an umbrella reaching across the Flashes Family, an umbrella bringing people together to enable fully equal access to higher education.

Alison Haynes, Digital Accessibility Compliance Coordinator. Email Equal Access. Amanda Feaster, Director of Student Accessibility Services. Email Equal Access.

Equal Access can enfold and support any cross-functional accessibility effort defined by one or more of the following goals:

  • To encourage and empower individual, team and institutional efforts toward greater physical and digital accessibility
  • To identify and empower those who champion accessibility (accessibility advocates)
  • To identify physical and digital spaces that have been designed with accessibility in mind and improve the accessibility of non-functional spaces
  • To empower, enfold and destigmatize those with a current or historical physical or mental impairment that impacts one or more major life activities
  • To break down inherent and cultural biases regarding disability

Currently, we have joint initiatives with the Accessibility Committee, University Libraries, the Office of General Counsel, University Communications and Marketing, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Kent State Online.

Please contact us if you have ideas for how Equal Access can partner with your team.

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