Help Topics

Select a help topic below to learn how you can make your websites, courses, marketing materials, and other digital content accessible for users with disabilities.


Review the most commonly requested accommodations, such as Testing Services, Note-taking Assistance, Attendance Modifications, and more.

Captioning Videos

Learn how Kaltura REACH uses automated speech recognition (ASR) to provide machine-based captions for your video, and how you can use Kaltura REACH to revise and improve the accuracy of your video captions.

Defining "Technology"

Discover how you can determine what is or isn't Kent State technology, and whether or not your product (or its components) should be reviewed and/or managed by the Division of Information Technology and the Digital Accessibility team.

Digital Marketing

Explore fundamental accessibility concepts that you can drag and drop onto any digital marketing project to make it more accessible for your users, including guidelines for videos, newsletters, social media platforms, and more.

Tips for Faculty (PDF)

Are you a Kent State faculty member? Learn how you can create a more accessible learning environment for your students both in-person and online using these helpful tips.

Tips for Students (PDF)

Are you a Kent State student? Learn how Kent State is putting accessibility first to create a learning environment where you can feel empowered and supported in all your academic endeavors.


Discover ways that you can make your Drupal website content more accessible by referencing correct (and incorrect) accessibility examples of common Drupal page elements, such as headings, links, images, and tables.

Writing Accessible Code

Learn the basics of how to write accessible code and how to add accessible HTML to your web pages. Discover commonly-used examples of accessible code and semantic HTML markup, and get started writing accessible code quickly with helpful resources and quick start guides.