Procurement (Purchasing)

The Digital Accessibility team is here to help you, the business unit or purchaser, understand what risks a digital solution poses to the university and what is necessary to ensure compliance with our policy. Select a procurement topic below to learn more about how and where digital accessibility fits into the procurement process.

Pre-Purchase Review Process

Follow a step-by-step guide with simple yes or no questions to determine if your product needs to be reviewed by the Digital Accessibility and Information Security teams. Important policy information, forms and resources are also provided.

What is KSU Technology?

I have a P-Card! Now what? Use the flowcharts provided on this page to determine if your product (or its components) need to be reviewed and/or managed by the Division of Information Technology and the Digital Accessibility team.


Providing us with a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) helps us to better understand the accessibility features of your product and quickly identify any areas where a user with disabilities may encounter difficulties. Learn more about the VPAT and what is required when submitting a VPAT to our team for review.