The Marty Erbaugh (I3) Lab


The Marty Erbaugh (I3) Lab 

The I3 Lab houses student teams that ideate, innovate and incubate their ventures through a product accelerator program led by LaunchNET and Design Innovation. The product accelerator is a multi-week program designed to help teams advance to the next stage in their startup journey through customer discovery, business development, and prototyping.   

The entrepreneurial work space features resources, coworking areas, and private offices within the Design Innovation Hub at Kent State.

The I3 Lab and programming will be launching in Spring 2022 with applications opening soon. If you have any questions, please contact .


J. Martin (Marty) Erbaugh

This space was created in honor of Marty Erbaugh, an entrepreneur, trustee, and longtime advisor of LaunchNET Kent State. Marty was a man of great integrity, kindness, and generosity who enjoyed serving God by xerving others, particulary those in start-up ventures. He was a great mentor and a high achiever, having served as one of LaunchNET's first advisory board members as well as a Burton D. Morgan Foundation Trustee.


Frequently asked questions

What does I3 mean?

Student teams apply for support on their entrepreneurial ideas. The I3 Lab cohort participants will continue to innovate their venture, with programming support to help incubate toward the next stages of development.  

What types of support does the I3 Lab offer?

The I3 Lab has coworking space, three venture offices, and a formal product accelerator that runs two times per year. Priority for space access is given to teams within the cohort, but additional access to offices or coworking areas may open up during each semester. This will be posted on the I3 website.  

The I3 lab also has photography equipment such as cameras, lightboxes, and backdrops to assist teams with product photography for their venture websites/shops and customer interviews.  

How do I know if I should apply for the accelerator program?

If you want to take your project to the next level, explore business viability, and/or perfect your product design, then this accelerator is for you. The accelerator program is built to support new ventures as well as projects stemming from hackathons, design challenges, DI courses, and research projects.

What does participation in the accelerator program entail?

You and your team will work in-depth on refining business ideas and building out prototypes. This will involve workshops and speakers teaching Business Model Canvas components, individual work on adapting your venture, and customer research and interviews. Teams will be expected to develop their prototype concurrently using other DI makerspaces or capturing customer feedback if the prototype is ready. 

What is the outcome / end goal of the accelerator?

Team goals can range from being “pitch-ready” to acquire funding, having an MVP (minimally viable product), or recognizing the next resources to take the product to market.   

During what time frame will students receive I3 Lab support?

The I3 lab accelerator is a 9-week program. Approved teams can continue to use the resources in I3 on a case-by-case basis at the program completion.  

Is there venture funding available through the I3 Lab?

Venture funding for teams may be available through the LaunchNET Student Venture Fund. This fund features Venture Creation grants with a maximum of $500 and Venture Advancement Grants with a maximum of $2,500. Participating accelerator teams will receive more information on how to qualify for these grants. Additionally, there is a Marty Erbaugh student entrepreneur scholarship that is available for individuals to apply for starting Spring 2022.