Client Profile: David Cameron

A client who embraces the idea of "When you're ready the opportunity appears"

David Cameron was thrust into the startup scene and dove in head first by deciding to pursue the Idea Olympics pitch competition after only his first meeting with LaunchNET. Which is truly hard to believe after seeing how well thought out his business is, from the philosophy all the way to the reasoning behind his logo colors. He’s experienced great success in a short amount of time, and luckily we had the chance to sit down with David and gain some insight on his journey, his motivation, and why he’d choose to be a cat even though he’s a dog person.  

David Cameron in front of his Blue Wolf Martial Arts studio in Stow

David in front of the Blue Wolf Martial Arts studio in Stow



5 Things You Need to Know About David:

  • Founder of Blue Wolf Martial Arts, a studio that offers traditional karate classes that transcend the gym with values and principles that apply to various aspects of life

  • Senior at Kent State, majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship

  • Values his impact on others and strives to be a positive influence

  • Owner of / Owned by two cats

  • A very genuine individual that puts effort and care into everything he pursues


How would you describe yourself in three words?

*pondering* I’d say hardworking, compassionate, and hopeful.

Can you share some background on how your entrepreneurial journey started and where you are now?

Yeah for sure. I’ve been participating in martial arts since I was about six years old. As I got older and got more involved, I really wanted to start giving back and teaching kids some of the methods I learned growing up. Within the last few years is when I decided I wanted to pursue teaching as a more serious commitment and that’s when I approached Tabitha at LaunchNET. I started by renting gym space to teach martial arts, interest started growing and I realized I needed a bigger space, and fortunately a location opened up in that I took the opportunity to really launch my venture.

About how long did that process take? From having an idea to getting your own physical location?

Well I began teaching at sixteen or seventeen, and I knew I wanted to put my own spin on things and teach the helpful methods I learned as a student. I started getting ideas together and began seriously pursuing the business about one and a half years ago.

Is there anything you would do differently? If so, what?

I would take entrepreneurship more seriously in the sense that I would take more courses, like finance or marketing, to better prepare. There’s a lot involved with entrepreneurship and I kind of just jumped into it and learned on the fly.

What’s the most valuable thing you learned along your journey?

I learned a lot about managing the different pieces and parts of a business, and I definitely recommend doing that right out the gate. 

What method did you find most helpful for promoting your business?

I’d say the website has been the biggest contributor to our business. All of our outlets, like word of mouth or social media, always lead back to the website.

What advice would you give to students pursuing an idea?

Take your time to educate and prepare yourself before jumping into things. Get comfortable with the systems you need and play around with different options ahead of time so it’s not all swarming you when you go to launch.

What is one of your proudest student and/or career moments?

It’s been really cool to share the information I’ve learned with my students and see them take ownership and accomplish their goals. It’s fulfilling to be able to create such a valuable experience for someone. 

How would you describe the entrepreneurial mindset?

I see entrepreneurs as very unique people, and their mindset is what makes them so unique. They’re passionate and dedicated to their idea, but they go beyond that passion and do whatever it takes to make that venture work -- and in most cases it’s an idea that benefits others, makes a real impact.

What role has LaunchNET played in your life/venture?

By connecting the dots in a practical way. Where education fails to bridge the gap between concept and real world, LaunchNET tells you what you need to make your idea work and helps make it happen by connecting you with the right people.

How was your experience with LaunchNET?

Very positive. It was a welcoming atmosphere and I felt like I could ask anything. They either helped me or introduced me to someone who could help. 

What’s something that makes you happy?

Giving back to others, helping them realize their value and making them feel confident.

What was the last photo you took?

*checks phone and laughs* I have a whiteboard / idea journal where I keep track of plans, but I keep having to erase and update it, so I have a photo of what I wrote last time before erasing it.

Do you have a favorite song / band / podcast right now?

Yeah it’s a country song -- I know, not many people are a fan of country -- called How They Remember. It’s about what your legacy is and how people remember you. I like the positive message it sends.

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

I’m more of a dog person but I’d want to be a cat. They just have such a great house life, they’re treated like royalty and get everything they want.


David, thank you for taking the time to meet with us. Your perseverance and dedication to your goals is something we can all appreciate and learn from. It’s been incredible to be a part of your journey, and we can’t wait to see the future growth of Blue Wolf Martial Arts!

Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 03:11 PM