Student Launch Fund

The Student Launch Fund is an opportunity for LaunchNET clients who are also full-time Kent State students to get grant funding for their businesses. The Fund consists of 3 levels of potential funding, outlined below, and are generously funded by donors from the community who support student entrepreneurship. In general, there is no limit on the type of business that can apply; lifestyle, tech, app, t-shirt company, it doesn't matter. More details about each type and the specific requirements are listed in the PDF application packet.

​There are three different grants. The first, Venture Creation Grant, is for eligible students who are exploring or just getting started on an idea and need a small amount of funds to pursue a complete feasibility analysis or have basic start-up needs (no capital or inventory expenses): up to $500.

The second, Venture Advancement Grant, is for eligible students who have already completed a feasibility analysis and have greater financial needs: up to $5000.

The third, FLASH CONNECT e-Teams mini-grants, are specifically for STEM-related ventures with multi-disciplinary teams. Meant for early-stage start-up services, programming or prototyping, these grants range from $100 to $1000. 

  • Any currently enrolled, full-time student at Kent State University & a client of LaunchNET Kent State is eligible to apply for a grant to launch or enhance their venture. There must be at least one full-time KSU student on each venture team.
  • Certain restrictions may apply for students that are non-US citizens or if a majority of the venture is not owned by full-time KSU students. 
  • Applicants will need to submit all required documentation (see application packet).
Preliminary review will look for evidence of the following criteria:
  • Feasibility of the proposed venture and its prospects for success
  • Strengths of the management team, commitment to the venture, and their qualifications to make it succeed
  • Prospects for raising additional funding as required
  • Conceptual and/or technical originality and/or social value


Of course if you have any questions, stop by the LaunchNET office, and we'll be happy to help you. 

Download Application Packet