About the Office


The Lean Kent State Office Serves the entire University community to support and promote a Lean culture. 

Two key concepts of Lean that we embrace are:

  1. Respect for People – Understanding that the individuals doing the work are the best to improve it.
  2. Continuous Improvement – Continuously pursuing perfection, but not letting perfect get in the way of better; seeking to improve every day.

The Lean Kent State Office is overseen by Process Evaluation and Improvement in the Division of Information Technology. 


About Process Evaluation and Improvement

The Process Evaluation and Improvement team focuses on process improvement and process automation. Our team of Business Systems Analysts are skilled in facilitating process analysis and problem solving activities to help departments streamline processes. We are committed to continually learning and bringing new skills and ideas to the Lean community with a mindset of continuous improvement. 

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Process Evaluation and Improvement Team Photo