if you have have property you would like to sell, or if you are seeking a strategy to reduce your income taxes, a bargain sale may be the right strategy for you.

Bargain Sale

Benefits of a Bargain Sale

  • Avoid capital gains tax on your charitable gift
  • Receive a tax deduction that will reduce your tax bill this year
  • Take the cash received from the sale and reinvest it to create future income, save for retirement, buy new property or achieve other financial goals
  • Help Kent State University further our important work of putting students first in all we do

Please contact us with any questions about a bargain sales. 

How a Bargain Sale Works
  1. You sell Kent State University property for a price less than fair market value.
  2. You receive cash from the sale.
  3. You can take a charitable deduction for the value of your gift which is the difference between the fair market value of the property less the sale price.
  4. While you may owe some tax on the sale proceeds you receive from Kent State University, the charitable deduction from your gift could offset some, most or all of your capital gains taxes associated with the sale.
More on Bargain Sales

A bargain sale may be possible even if you have a mortgage on your property. Because relief from indebtedness can have tax implications, please consult with your tax advisor prior to completing a gift of a bargain sale.