Gifts of Life Insurance

Life Insurance is Often a Forgotten Asset

When you are at a point in life that life insurance is no longer needed, you can change your life insurance policy beneficiaries to Kent State University. The policy can be designated upon death to support Kent State as a partial or full beneficiary.

Why Include Kent State in Your Life Insurance

  • There is no need to contact your attorney and incur legal feels to add Kent State as a beneficiary. You would simply need to fill out a beneficiary designation form. If there comes a time that the purpose of the future gift changes, you would then just let us know.
  • You will leave a lasting legacy to support the goals and mission of Kent State.

Another option for those whose life insurance policies are obsolete who are also interested in a charitable deduction, is to transfer ownership of the policy to Kent State University. The size of the charitable deduction will vary based upon the status of the policy (fully paid, partially paid or new policy).

If you have questions, or for more information on how you can make a gift to Kent State using your life insurance policy, please contact us.