Herrick Society

Herrick Society

The Herrick Society extends membership to donors who make any size bequest or long-range gift. Whether made through will commitments, life income gifts, charitable trusts, life insurance, retirement plans or other arrangements, long-range gifts are essential to the continued growth of Kent State.

Why "Herrick Society?"
Herrick Society

"Planned giving made it possible for us to use our resources during our lifetime and to create a legacy for Kent State students."— Art and Margaret Herrick, 2007

When we decided to name our legacy donor circle, we chose to honor the couple who established Kent State University’s first major, irrevocable planned gift, Drs. Art and Margaret Herrick.

Both spent their lives making a difference for Kent State students. Art was a beloved biology professor and world traveler, and Margaret was a professor of speech pathology and audiology. Thanks to their planned gift, their support continues to make a difference today.  

The symbol chosen to represent the Herrick Society is another tie to Art and Margaret: the rhododendron, which was the symbol of Art’s ingenuity and his love for Margaret and nature. Art once said he had two great loves in his life besides Margaret and his son: Kent State and the environment.

According to local legend, in 1982 on the morning of their wedding, Art mistakenly put Margaret’s bridal bouquet in his freezer. When he saw it was ruined, he looked outside his back door and saw his rhododendron bush in full bloom and used it as an instant replacement bouquet for Margaret. It’s fitting that Art’s life-long love of nature not only delighted his many students, but also came to his rescue.

Art and Margaret Herrick passed away in 2008 (Art at age 100 and Margaret at age 89), but we feel they would be pleased to know their legacy is preserved through their gift planning.

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Herrick Society Membership

If you are currently a member of the Herrick Society, we thank you again for your generosity. If you have included Kent State University in your estate plan and wish to be recognized as a member of the Herrick Society, please contact us.

Annual Herrick Society Luncheon 

Since 2007, an annual appreciation luncheon to recognize donors who remember Kent State in their estate plans. This luncheon is hosted by the president each summer to thank those who have documented a planned gift with us. The luncheon features a keynote speaker from the university, a prize raffle and an opportunity to visit campus and see friends and colleagues. 

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