Inspiring Stories

  • Dr. James L. Raper, ’79
    Dr. James L. Raper, ’79 is giving back as an alumna because he realizes the important role his Kent State experience played in his career... knows that innovation at Kent State can change the future. Read More

  • Michele M. Stoffan, ’72, MAT ’75, Ph.D. ’81
    Michele M. Stoffan, ’72, MAT ’75, Ph.D. ’81 wants to not only have a positive impact on her students, but to also have a positive impact on future educators where she felt it was needed most. Read More

  • Mindy and Gary Aleman

    “We appreciate the opportunity to leave this legacy as we believe in Kent State,” Mindy added. Everything good in our lives happened because of Kent State, so investing in Kent State’s mission through our estate plan feels right.” Read More
  • Jay and Joanie Solomon, holding hands smiling for the camera
    Jay and Joanie Solomon Provide Immediate and Future Support for Students
    “Dollars were always short for me. I was fortunate to be able to find jobs to take care of that, but that doesn’t always happen,"  said Jay Solomon, ’61. Read More

  • Tom Serwatka

    I Give Back Because Others Have Given Forward to Me
    Tom Serwatka started his master's program at Kent State during the summer of 1970, a time of great social change. As a result, he says... Read More
  • Tricia Reed

    Legacies Change Lives: Tricia Reed
    Second-year graduate student Tricia Reed typically works 20 to 30 hours per week while also working on her M.Ed/Ed.S. in school psychology... Read More
  • Eric and Rebecca Herr

    Rebecca Herr, '71, and Husband, Eric, Founded and Endowed the Undergraduate Nursing Study Abroad Fund
    "Although they can't be an expert at everything, they need to remain curious." That is Rebecca Herr's advice for students, and... Read More
  • Joe and Judy Tirpak

    Couple's Scholarship Benefits Students Studying in Two Different Programs
    Joe, B.S.B.A '59, M.B.A. '65, and Judy, '60, Tirpak are proud Kent State University alumni. "We met and became engaged while at... Read More
  • Jack and Dora Tippins

    Jack and Dora Tippens Give Back
    Jack and Dora enhance opportunities for Kent State students while cutting down on IRA tax burden. Read More
  • David and Audrey Kessler

    Small Steps Add Up to Big Impact
    A faculty member at Kent State since 1995, David Kessler has had an insider's perspective on the unique needs of the university for many years. Read More
  • Phil and Mary Lou Herbert

    A Quiet Life, Accentuated by a Passion for Education
    Phil and Mary Lou Herbert were like many couples who grew up in Ashtabula after World War II. They met in high school, got married after... Read More
  • Nancy Baird

    Nancy Baird is "All In" at WKSU
    Nancy Baird is probably one of the most enthusiastic supporters and believers in public radio you'll ever meet. Read More
  • Sarah Mull

    Legacies Change Lives: Sarah Mull
    Sarah Mull loves animals. She's a zoology major, and her dream has always been to become a veterinarian. Read More
  • Mac and David McFarland

    A Fast Friendship Takes Flight
    Mac McFarland and his son, David, formed a bond over aviation and service. Years later, that bond is honored by a scholarship endowed to honor David and make an impact for students. Read More
  • Brittany Caldwell

    Legacies Change Lives: Brittany Caldwell
    Even though he passed away in 2011, Brittany Caldwell, a sophomore at the East Liverpool campus, feels like she knows Gus Markanton well. Read More
  • Jim Tinnin

    His Charitable Trust Gifts the MPA Program
    When Jim Tinnin came to Kent State in 1978 from Michigan, he only planned to be here for two years to complete a federal grant project. Read More
  • Sandie Kramer

    Her Gifts Keep the Music Coming at WKSU
    Lovers of classical music and all other things NPR will find a friend in Sandie Kramer. Read More
  • Rick and Janis Krumel

    A Heart for First-Generation Students
    Rick and Janis Krumel remember well what it was like to be the first in their families to attend college. Jan's hard-working parents paid for most of her education. Read More
  • Andy and Michael Sonderman

    Why We're Leaving a Legacy: Andy, '73, and Micheal, '72, Sonderman
    Andy and Micheal Sonderman have fond memories of their time as students at both the Trumbull and Kent campuses. Read More
  • Marilyn Flower

    Why I'm Leaving a Legacy: Marilyn Seifert Flower, B.S. '61, M.E. '86
    Marilyn Flower and her late husband, Don, were passionate supporters of the men's basketball and wrestling programs at Kent State, and Marilyn loves Porthouse Theatre as well. Read More
  • Patricia Grutzmacher

    Why I'm Leaving a Legacy: Patricia Grutzmacher, '85
    Patricia Grutzmacher, '85, professor emerita of music education, remembers that as a student it was important for her to have time to study, reflect, philosophize and actually learn. Read More
  • Randall Keller

    Why I'm Leaving a Legacy: Randall Keller, '08
    What's your motivation to give back? Randall Keller, '08, feels Kent State is a vital part of Northeast Ohio, and has chosen to boost its regional impact through his estate plan. Read More
  • Ed and Peg Hall

    Ed and Peg Hall—All Roads Lead to a Giving Legacy
    Ed Hall and his wife, Peg, have funded a gift annuity which will benefit the Map Library in the Kent State University Libraries. Read More
  • David and Patricia Grutzmacher

    David and Patricia Grutzmacher Keep the Giving Circle Growing
    If you've ever been a "band nerd," you have a lot in common with David and Pat Grutzmacher. Read More
  • Sondra Constant

    WKSU Legacy Gift Keeps Window on the World Open
    The fact that Richard III's remains were recently found in England would have been a complete delight to Sondra Constant. Read More
  • Martin and Susan Goetz

    Martin and Susan Goetz
    Keeping the Beacon Shining for Students. Read More
  • Bill and Margaret Clark

    Bill and Margaret Clark — Creating an Educational Legacy
    Growing up together in the small town of Mesopotamia, Ohio, Bill Clark and Margaret Reynolds appreciated the benefits of country living. Read More
  • Charles Harker

    Why I Made a Bequest to Kent State
    By: Charles Harker, emeritus professor Architecture Prior to coming to Kent State University, I was principal of my own architectural design/build firm in Austin, Texas. Read More