President's Perspective

Todd Diacon, PhD

Making a Difference

One of the most enjoyable and invigorating parts of my job as president is to celebrate this great institution and its dedication to changing the world. 

Kent State is a university with unmatched potential for meaningful impact in the state of Ohio and beyond. We graduate nearly 10,000 students annually who are determined to make a difference in our global society, and we have an incredible network of nearly 250,000 alumni worldwide.

Kent State is a motor for democracy, both for the fortunate few and the meritorious many. Our challenge, our mission and our commitment is: Every student we touch graduates.

"Kent State is a university with unmatched potential for meaningful impact in the state of Ohio and beyond.”

In my first months as president, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing alumni. Recently, I had a wonderful talk with a prominent graduate who retired as the senior vice president for one of the top ten corporations in the world. He was the first in his family to go to college, and he had a transformative experience here at Kent State. I hear that all the time.

Kent State is distinguished by the knowledge and creative work generated by our researchers, architects, engineers, artists, poets and historians. Their work makes all our lives better and richer.

Our university holds a unique place in our nation’s history. A tragedy on our campus shook the nation and shaped our future. We thrive today because the lessons of that day are more relevant than ever: that we avoid poisoned discourse and polarization; that we listen first and act with empathy and compassion. 

Shaped by the American dream, steeled by tragedy and singular among universities in the lessons we can teach a divided nation—WE are Kent State.


Todd A. Diacon, President
Email:, Instagram: @KSUPresDiacon

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