Materials Science Graduate Program E-Bookshelf

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Liquid Crystals and Soft Matter Physics
Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes, Volume 14, editor: Iglic, Ales, Academic Press, 2011
Soft matter physics by Maurice Kléman, Oleg D. Lavrentovich, editors, Springer New York, 2004
Thermotropic Liquid Crystals: Recent Advances by Ramamoorthy, Ayyalusamy, editor, Springer, 2007
Liquid Crystals I by Mingos, D. Michael P., editor, Springer 1999
Liquid Crystals II by Mingos, D. Michael P., editor, Springer 1999
Liquid Crystal Display Drivers: Techniques and Circuits by Cristaldi, David J.R.; Pennisi, Salvatore; Pulvirenti, Francesco; Cristaldi, David J.R.; Pennisi, Salvatore; Pulvirenti, Francesco, Springer, 2009
Soft Matter Characterization by Borsali, Redouane, editor; Pecora, Robert, editor, Springer 2008
Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook, editor: Mark, James E., Springer New York, 2007
Forces, Growth and Form in Soft Condensed Matter: At the Interface between Physics and Biology, by Skjeltorp, A. T.,Belushkin, A. V., editors, 2005.
Statistical Mechanics, Phase Transitions
Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity by Sethna, James P., 2006.
Equilibrium Statistical Physics: Phases of Matter and Phase Transitions by Baus, Marc and Tejero, Carlos F., editors, Springer, 2008.
The Physics of Phase Transitions: Concepts and Applications by Papon, Pierre; Leblond, Jacques; Meijer, Paul H.E., editors, 2006.
Statistical Mechanics by Schwabl, Franz, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2006
Statistical Mechanics of Complex Networks, editor: Pastor-Satorras, Romualdo; Rubi, Miguel; Diaz-Guilera, Albert, Springer 2003
The Statistical Mechanics of Financial Markets by Voit, Johannes, Springer 2005
Simulation and Modeling
Handbook of Materials Modeling by Sid Yip, editor, Springer, 2005.
Advanced Computer Simulation: Approaches for Soft Matter Sciences by Holm, Christian, editor; Kremer, Kurt, editor, Springer 2005
Volume I
Volume II
Numerical Recipes by William H. Press, Saul A. Teukolsky, William T. Vetterling and Brian Flannery, Cambridge University Press
Information: (Older editions)
The Mathematica GuideBook for Numerics, by Trott, Michael, 2006.
The Mathematica GuideBook for Symbolics, by Trott, Michael. 2006.
Modeling of Soft Matter by Calderer, Maria-Carme T., editor; Terentjev, Eugene M., editor , Springer, 2005
Novel Methods in Soft Matter Simulations by Karttunen, Mikko, editor; Lukkarinen, Ari, editor; Vattulainen, Ilpo, editor, Springer 2004.
Liquid Crystals and Polymers: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Computational Methods for Polymers and Liquid Crystalline Polymers, editors: Pasini, Paolo; Zannoni, Claudio; Žumer, Slobodan. Erice, Italy 16–22 July 2003.
Numerical Simulation in Molecular Dynamics: Numerics, Algorithms, Parallelization, Applications by Griebel, Michael, Zumbusch, Gerhard, Knapek and Stephan, Springer, 2007
Computer Simulations in Condensed Matter Systems: From Materials to Chemical Biology, editor: Ferrario, Mauro, Ciccotti, Giovanni, Binder, Kurt, Springer, 2006
Volume 1 (Free & legal access)
Volume 2 (Free & legal access)
Numerical Mathematics by Quarteroni, Alfio; Sacco, Riccardo; Saleri, Fausto, Springer, 2007
Maple and Mathematica: A Problem Solving Approach for Mathematics by Shingareva, Inna, Lizàrraga-Celaya, Carlos, Springer Vienna, 2007
Mathematics for Physics by Michael Stone and Paul Goldbart, Cambridge University Press, 2009 Information (pre-publication PDF)
Handbook of Mathematics by Bronshtein, Ilja N.; Semendyayev, Konstantin A.; Musiol, Gerhard; Muehlig, Heiner, Springer, 2007
Advanced Organic Chemistry by Carey, Francis A and Sundberg, Richard J, Springer US, 2007
Part A: Structure and Mechanisms (Free & legal access)
Part B: Reactions and Synthesis (Free & legal access)
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers, editor: Gooch, Jan W., Springer New York, 2007
Name Reactions: A Collection of Detailed Reaction Mechanisms by Li, Jie Jack, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2006
Optics and Electromagnetism
Introduction to Optics by Chartier, Germain, Springer, 2005
Engineering Optics by Iizuka, Keigo, Springer New York, 2008
Physics of Classical Electromagnetism by Fujimoto, Minoru
Electromagnetism of Continuous Media: Mathematical Modelling and Applications by Fabrizio, Mauro and Morro, Angelo, OUP Oxford, 2003
Experimental Techniques
NMR — From Spectra to Structures: An Experimental Approach by Mitchell, Terence N.; Costisella, Burkhard, Springer, 2007
X-Ray Scattering of Soft Matter by Stribeck, Norbert, Springer 2007
Computer Programming, Graphics, Image Processing
Image Processing for Computer Graphics and Vision by Velho, Luiz; Frery, Alejandro C.; Gomes, Jonas, Springer London, 2008
Python Scripting for Computational Science, editor: Langtangen, Hans Petter. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2008