Materials Science Graduate Program - Spring 2022 Virtual Seminar Series

All seminars take place on Wednesdays at 3:20 pm on Zoom, unless otherwise noted. 

Previous Seminars - Fall 2021 Materials Science Graduate Program Seminars

Jan 26

Dr. Elisabetta Matsumoto
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Physics

Title: Twisted topological tangles or: the knot theory of knitting 


Feb 9

Dr. Ralf Stannarius
Universität Magdeburg
Institut für Physik

Title:  Liquid Crystals in Space

Feb 23

Dr. Efi Efrati
Weizmann Institute of Science
Department of Physics of Complex Systems

Title: The intrinsic approach in Liquid crystals: compatibility, frustrated phases, and inverse design.

Mar 9

Dr. Thomas Machon
University of Bristol
School of Physics

Title: Contact Geometry in Cholesterics and Chiral Materials

Mar 23
Dr. Joonwoo Jeong
UNIST, Korea
Department of Physics

Title: Cholesterics in Cylinders and Pulsating Bubbles in Nematics

Meeting ID: 961 9973 6956
Passcode: 2022

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Apr 6
Dr. Teresa Lopez-Leon
Gulliver Laboratory
Title: TBA

Meeting ID: 973 9348 3929
Passcode: 2022

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Apr 20 

Dr. Noel Clark
University of Colorado
Department of Physics

Title: TBA

Meeting ID: 993 9898 5629
Passcode: 2022

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