Congratulations to the recipients of ILCS Honors & Awards 2020

We would like to congratulate former CPIP student Greta Babkhanova, Director of AMLCI and CPIP Professor Torsten Hegmann, and CPIP Professor Oleg Lavrentovich for being the recipients of the ILCS Honors and Awards 2020. 

Former student Greta Babakhanova recieved the Glenn H. Brown prize for her outstanding work on nematic elastomer coatings demonstrating the ability to program different surface profiles to the elastomer coating via its nematic director. It highlights general principles underlying this design mechanism by directly relating surface topography to the bend and splay of the director field and identifying the role of topological defects.

Torsten Hegmann, Director of AMLCI & CPIP professor, recieved the Mid Career Research Excellence Award for his pioneering research and leadership in the field of nanomaterial-liquid crystal interfaces, focusing on the surface chemistry of numerous metals, metal oxides and semiconductor nanomaterials. He is one of the leaders in chiral synthesis with a strong future and made outstanding contribution to the synthesis of hybrid and chiral materials.

Oleg Lavrentovich is awarded as a Honored Member for his outstanding achievement in research in the field of liquid crystals and continued community services to the international liquid crystal society..

For the complete list of all the recipents of the ILCS Honors & Awards 2020 click here. 



POSTED: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 02:59 PM
Updated: Monday, August 3, 2020 11:35 AM