November 17, 2005 - April 23, 2006

Broadbent Gallery | Anne Bissonnette, Curator

Passion, creativity and craftsmanship merge in the hands of Ralph Rucci. For over two decades, Mr. Rucci has lived for his craft and has developed an exceptional body of work. He is an original known for his innovative approaches to cut and construction and for producing some of the world's finest garments. Since his first collection in 1981, he has set himself on a path where integrity, high standards and dedication meet.

Steadfastly, Ralph Rucci develops his techniques and pushes his own boundaries. He is an idealist who aims for perfection. With intellectual rigor and a boundless love of his craft, he has risen quietly in the ranks of designers who matter. Since the inception of his label, Chado, in 1994, he has drawn a sophisticated international clientele that was expanded in 2002 when he began presenting haute couture in Paris. As the world begins to pay attention, Ralph Rucci continues to follow the core principles behind Chado, a Japanese tea ceremony that involves lifelong learning, respect, grace and tranquility.

Impervious to fads and to the increased theatricality of the couture world, Mr. Rucci's work mirrors his peaceful and introspective ways and draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. Creative construction is at the center of his design philosophy, but he also pays close attention to the properties of fabrics and to the ideas of the talented individuals who surround him. His roots run deep. He stands on the shoulders of great designers such as Balenciaga, Vionnet and Grès, as well as numerous creators and artists. Whether he draws from his own art work or that of Renaissance masters, he has the ability to synthesize and actualize his sources to create understated yet intricate and highly individualistic collections.

The quality of Ralph Rucci's work is exceptional in both his ready-to-wear and couture garments. His trademark meandering seams and gussets allow for better fit and ease of movement and, like most of the hand processes he and his staff develop, are a great source of pride. While Mr. Rucci is well-known and admired throughout the international fashion community for his impeccable garments, the Kent State University Museum exhibition represents the first major public display of his work. Join us and see what happens when technique, impeccable fit and quality unite with originality, clarity and joy. Look beyond the ordinary and experience the majestic, the serene, the subtle universe of Ralph Rucci.